ERP for Manufacturing

In today's manufacturing world, everything is more complex: your products, your supply chain, and your customers’ requirements.

Handling manufacturing operations, front office service and back office accounting in a single package is even more daunting, especially in a world where business models can change rapidly, at a moment’s notice.

ERP for Manufacturing

So how do you manage it all and still make a profit? With Ellipse Solutions and Microsoft Dynamics AX/Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations ERP for Manufacturing. Whether you’re process, repetitive, discrete, lean, project, E2O or (like most companies) some combination of these, Microsoft Dynamics AX and Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations have no problem balancing multiple business models in a single instance.

Microsoft Dynamics AX and Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations ERP gives manufacturing companies real-time visibility into the entire operation - up and down the supply chain and throughout the business ecosystem – from the shop floor to the top floor. Microsoft Dynamics helps you build more collaborative and profitable partnerships with suppliers, empowers your employees with critical business intelligence and collaborative capabilities, and develop deeper, more responsive relationships with customers. And, it helps you run a more efficient operation - improving quality, reducing waste, and ensuring compliance. All with familiar tools your people already know how to use.

At Ellipse Solutions, our Manufacturing expertise goes back decades. Our consultants are as experienced on the shop floor as they are with technology.

Isn’t it time you worked with someone who listens and takes the time to understand your specific needs?

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