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AXUG Webinar: R3 CU12 Under the Hood


Ellipse Solutions will be leading a webinar for the AXUG Application Lifecycle Management SIG on Feburary 22, 2017.

The focus of the webinar will be the recently released update for Microsoft Dynamics AX R3 - Cummulative Update 12.

In the CU12 update, Microsoft released additional functionality and regulatory updates with the majority of changes taking place in the Warehouse Management, Transportation Management, and Retail areas of the product.

During the webinar, Ellipse Solutions will showcase new areas relased in CU12 including:

  • Integration of Machine Learning
  • Enhancements to Developer Tools
  • Business Intelligence
  • Financial Functionality
  • Retail Functionality
  • Human Capital Management Functionality
  • Supply Chain/Warehouse/Transportation Management Functionality
  • Service Industries Functionality
  • Public Sector Functionality
  • Country/Region-Specific Updates

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